India: Angle

Northern India: where the clouds hug the mountains and the monkeys rule the towns. We have officially finished our time for ministry in the Indian villages. We had the chance to put on two woman's conferences in two separate villages, and each went extremely well! We also had the pleasure of teaching both on Nutrition, as well as the word of God. Everyone was extremely receptive and our hearts were stolen by by both young and old. 

We have been able to complete physical examinations for malnutrition on many of the people here. Young and old, so many people are sick because they are lacking from a few simple things in their diet. Such small factors in their diet play a huge role in their overall health. Seeing and teaching these people has only reiterated my calling on Nutrition. 

It is the same for our daily lives. Christ says that if we drink of His living water, that we will never thirst again (1). Are we partaking of His cup? Are we spending time with our Lord? However that may be.... whatever that may mean... are we looking to include that in our spiritual diet? 

On Saturday we had a chance to go to the local market to shop for some Indian goodies. The nearest market is about an hour and a half walking distance from the house. Imagine if your closest mall was an hour and a half walking distance from your house... AND you had to carry back everything you bought?!? I think we all would be much wiser with our money. It all comes down to decisions being made, and making the best decisions for our circumstance. Friday we had a celebratory dinner, both to celebrate the end of our time of ministry in India, and to celebrate the birth of our dear Cassandra. During dinner we discussed how so many at home have a hard time believing in God because of their circumstances.... they literally have everything they need and thus have no need for a Savior. The Pastor shared that the exact opposite challenge is faced here in India... many people have nothing.... and so how can they believe in an all powerful God?  That that is reason why so many cling to separate idols.... hoping that one of them will serve as refuge. Either way, at whichever angle you view the situation, it still comes down to making the same decision..... do you accept Jesus as your Savior or not? Decisions, decisions. It is the same here as anywhere else in the world. We have to decide: to whom do we put our faith in?

We are getting ready to leave for the airport and to hop on a plane to Uganda. There, we plan to work and teach at the hospital in Midigo, as well as serve at the local Sudanese Refugee camp. Please pray that our travels go smoothly and that we make all of our connecting flights!

Natalie Baugh