There is Value in Preparation


I have officially been in Kathmandu for about 5 days now, and I am loving every second of it! We are on the outskirts of the city and there is constantly so much hustle and bustle. It is an early to sleep, early to rise culture. Thus, I must admit that I have been falling to sleep around 8 o'clock, because I know that all of my neighbors will be getting up no later than 5 am, which means that I am getting up no later than 5 am. Even though it is very early compared to when people usually get up at home, the sun rises are one of my favorite parts of the day. If you go to the rooftop right when the sun is rising, it is clear enough to see the mountains, to watch the sun reflect golden windows and to watch the birds take to the air. It is breathtaking. I have also been able to use the mornings to prepare for the day, and I have been reminded in the last week that there is much value in preparation.

While I was so excited to be coming here, I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive as well. If you do not know already, my mission for coming here is threefold. I have come to first and foremost share the love of my Savior. I have also then come to full fill requirements for both my internship and my Masters thesis by doing research. While I took much time preparing before I got here, I knew that the future is always unknown and that things may not go exactly as I had planned. It is also quite scary to have so much responsibility riding on my "ability" to produce "good" work.  With the holidays taking up so much time before my departure, there was quite a bit of work still to be done once I got here. But this last week has given me the perfect gift of time. I have been given time to become adjusted after my journey here, to become adjusted to the culture here, I have taken time to get all of my teaching material in order and most importantly, the purchase of the Bibles has been arranged. The missionaries here, Tonielle and Pankaj, have also been so gracious in helping me with everything I've needed to accomplish. While part of my mind frantically worries, " I have not gotten started on the teaching yet!" or " I will run out of time, I am wasting too much time!", God has reminded me that there is value in preparation. Is that not the same in our everyday life as well? I too often fall prey to rushing my way through life. I set goals and time schedules for myself, and if I do not fulfill them in the time I have allotted for myself,  I am not happy. Yet, this week has been a reminder that the Lord has control of my schedule; that at times he uses time to prepare me for what is to come, rather than giving it to me right away. There is value in preparation when the Lord has something great ahead. I am reminded that none of this is of my own accord; none of this is of my own "ability" but of the Lord's. 

Now, everything is in place, the Bibles are being delivered today, and I am teaching my first class today as well. There are still mountains that lie ahead. I am being told that it is illegal to share the gospel here and that it may be counted as illegal activity to hand out the Bible's as well. According to the government, "forcing" christianity on someone here is punishable to a three month jail sentence. But I know for certain that my Lord has called me to both witness and give out the Bibles. So please pray. Pray that God gives us wisdom on when, where and how to share. I am literally headed to another village in the mountains tomorrow to meet with some people from my school. Please pray for this journey as well, and that the Lord blesses my time with the people there. I am excited for all that is to come!

Ananand (With Joy),



Natalie Baugh