The rights of babes

What voice have they?

As they cry out from their mother's grave

And a little girl so oppressed

That not even education can find her rest

A mother crying for her small daughter

Who has been given in white to her friends father

A young woman without a say

Day by day, gray by gray

Though aren't we all,

Within Satan's paw?

Without the blood

From Christ's awl

Voices, voices

Crying, wandering

From every city bell they ring

I long to shout that freedom reigns

For the rights of all that are enslaved

Have already been redeemed

An estimated 22 million abortions are performed in Nepal every year. This does not include the number of mothers who died from having an "unsafe" abortion. Over 240,000 girls in Nepal will never attend school. Child marriages occur in 37% of the girls in Nepal. Somewhere around 7,000 girls are sold as sex slaves to other countries each year in Nepal. Research shows that one in every three woman are abused either physically, emotionally or both in Nepal.

Unfortunately, these statistics represent a large part of our world today. What hope do these precious women have? Most would say they are enslaved. The only hope I see is in Christ, my Lord- that is the only hope I can give. Though without Christ, are we not all enslaved? It so much the same as a woman struggling in a first world country as in Nepal. Their life stories and situations may be different, but without Christ, both are enslaved. It only reminds me further of His redemption, and ever abounding grace. 

These women are where my heart is.

We know that our old self was crucified with Him, in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing, so that we would no longer be enslaved to sin. ~Romans 6:6






Natalie Baugh