10 Quick Tips For Your First Day Of Your Dietetic Internship: Patient Food Service

Hello Beautiful People,

So the other day I made a Vlog about quick tips of things to bring on your first day of your dietetic internship. After reviewing the video, I realized that I was missing a few things. Thus, I thought I would lay it all out in a blog post as well. Hope this helps!

1. Buy a Planner

Having and keeping a planner has become an essential part of my everyday organization techniques. It is a place where I can keep track of my countless "To-Do" lists and make sure that I complete projects on time. 

2. Get a Folder

Have some portable place where you can transport important documents and keep them on hand. Documents that you may want to consider keeping with you include: a copy of your CPR certification, a copy of your HACCP training, a copy of your Servsafe certification, a copy of your Verification Statement, a copy of your contract, etc. 


3. Get a Notebook

A plane spiral notebook has served me well during my rotations. It has been a place where I can quickly jot down my thoughts, or outline a project. Thankfully, it was also quite inexpensive. Definitely a must have!


4. Get the Right Shoes

Getting the right shoes is something that is important, but something that you may not think of right away. Especially if you are doing a Food Service rotation, you will want to get a comfortable pair of non-slip black shoes. These also work well for clinical rotations, as hospital floors can be slippery! You can find a variety of non-slip black shoes at your local Payless, or online. 

5. Bring Your Computer

During your internship you are going to have to complete a lot of projects. In order to complete them in a professional manner, you should have everything typed. Bringing your own laptop will make the assignments for convenient for you to complete. Each internship should allocate you some sort of workspace. Take advantage of the space and get as many of the assignments done at work as possible. 

6. Wear Professional Clothes

Professional clothing is a must when attending your dietetic internship. Treat each rotation as a new interview, and dress to impress. Every piece of yourself will form an impression for your boss one way or another. If you show your preceptor that you take the rotation seriously, then you will have a higher chance of getting job offers down the road. 

7. Bring a Binder

Have a three ringed binder that you can place your assignments in. This is separate than the folder. This is a tool you can use to keep your Module (Activity Tasks) in and your completed assignments. Having everything in one place will keep you more organized and stress free. 

8. Bring Your Lab Coat and Your Name Tag 

Not all facilities require you to wear your lab coat, but definitely your name tag. Usually you will get a facility badge, but I always like to make sure that I am wearing my name tag too. People need to know who you are and why you are there. Be proud to be a dietetic intern!


9. Bring Reference Books

Depending on which rotation you are completing, the reference books will vary. Ask your preceptor prior to starting which reference books would be best for you to bring. It is helpful to also always have a little notebook you can keep in your pocket. There will be times when you hear concepts that you are unfamiliar with. Write them down and look them up. The more knowledge the better. 

10. Bring Your Smile!

Your facility wants to know that you are HAPPY to be there. And yes, you are very HAPPY to be there. Having a positive attitude in the workplace makes the environment less stressful, you make friends easier and makes your preceptor happy to have you there. Don't forget to smile!

Natalie Baugh